Responsible Cycling Guidelines

Updated June 4, 2021

Dear Silver Wheelers,

Ohio Governor DeWine declared a state of emergency and imposed certain restrictions on activities In response to the coronavirus (covid-19).  Nearly all these restrictions have been eliminated as of June 2, 2021.  Yet, many members have indicated that certain practices adopted by Silver Wheels during the state of emergency have been helpful for cyclists and wish them to continue. These practices are:  

1 -a) Platooning**:.  For scheduled rides where the number of individuals is greater than 7 - 8 persons, the leader is encouraged to divide the group into two (or more) platoons.

1 -b) After the leader divides members into smaller groups, he or she should appoint an additional leader for each smaller group.

1 -c) Platoons should stagger their departure, with the additional group(s) waiting a few minutes to begin cycling and then following the scheduled leader’s route. 

**Platooning is an important consideration for all riders even without Covid.  It gives cars a chance to safely pull in when passing groups of cyclists if an oncoming car is coming in the passing lane.  It is for the cyclists’ safety as well as the consideration of drivers.**

2) Maintain social distance. Cyclists are expected to keep an appropriate social distance whenever possible. 

3) Masks. Cyclists need to carry a mask so that in any situations which may arise such as a mechanical issue where riders may be in close contact with each other, masks may be worn.

4) Stay home when ill. If you have symptoms of contagious illnesses, like the covid-19, seasonal flu, or the common cold, please stay home.

5)  Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue or your arm. Be sure that tissues are disposed of properly. 

Cheryl Burkhardt


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