MAP Rides


Map rides are used when the multitude of distances, routes, paces, and/or start times make having an assigned ride leader difficult or impractical, e.g. Depot Days or Ride the Dog. Riders will be provided a map so they can follow one of the designated routes. Club mileage credit for  the ride will be recorded for the distance reported by the member.

Map rides will be so designated on the ride calendar

  • Map riders  are advised to have a cell phone and to not ride alone.
  • Possible stops may be indicated on the map and/or may be discussed pre- ride. Planned stops will be at sites where all riders can get well off of the road, and if possible, will have restrooms and perhaps beverages/food access..
  • Unplanned stops (repairs, regrouping, etc.) should be made at a spot where riders can safely get off of the road.

Typically some members will announce their intent to ride a certain distance/pace, leaving at a specified time, and indicate they are inviting folks to ride with them.  Such requests are posted to the ride calendar popup as they become known. 

It is not the intent of the ride committee for Map rides to replace having designated ride leaders and our modus operandi – no rider is left behind. 

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