Silver Wheels Cycling Club, Inc. 

Bicycling For Recreation, Fitness, Fun, Learning and Advocacy


Rider Responsibilities

  • To be on time, so the ride can leave as scheduled.
  • To sign the registration waiver form.
  • To wear a helmet while riding.
  • To come with your bike and equipment in good operating condition.
  • To carry your own repair tools, tube, and tire inflation device.
  • To inform the ride leader if you plan to leave the route before the end of the ride.
  • To carry emergency contact information.
  • To ride in a safe manner and follow traffic regulations/laws.     

Make sure to check out: Safe Cycling Practices

Ride Mileage

For every ride, the ride leader submits the mileage after the ride. Club members can review miles of riding through out the year. At the end of the year, the riders will be recognized for their achievement at our annual holiday banquet.

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