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Club News about Ebikes

There has been a stream of documents being sent to our club concerning ebikes, our insurance coverage related to these bikes, as well as their qualifications to be ridden on the Lorain County Metroparks bike trails.

To summarize:

  • ·       Class 1 ebikes are welcome on club rides.  These are bikes that need to be peddled with or without using the peddle assist feature in order to move forward.  Their maximum speed is 20 miles per hour, after which the assist feature no longer helps the rider.
  • ·       Class 2 ebikes cannot be ridden on club rides without the rider signing a waiver, ( Click here for waiver form), which has them assuming all responsibility for accidents or damage to themselves or others on the ride.  These bikes can go 20 mph, but do not need to be pedaled to move.  They are in essence a small moped. Our club insurance does not cover these types of ebikes and the riders must assume all legal responsibility as detailed on the waiver developed by the League of American Bicyclists and their insurance company, (Click for Waiver). We strongly discourage Class 2 bikes on club rides due to the liability being placed on the individual rider.
  • ·       Class 3 ebikes need to be peddled to move forward, however, they are capable of going 28 mph. While these bikes are covered by our club insurance, it is imperative that these as well as all ebikes ride within the ride speed category and stay behind the leader.
  • ·       Only class 1 and 2 ebikes are allowed on the Lorain County Metroparks bike trails.  Because of the high speed, Class 3 bikes are NOT ALLOWED.on the trail.

If you have an ebike, and several of our members currently do, please inform the ride leader when you check in for the ride and let them know the class of your bike. If you have a class 3 ebike, check the route ahead of time.  Remember, this class of bikes cannot be on LCMP trails.

To recap:

Class 1: LCMP acceptable and covered by club insurance.

Class 2: LCMP acceptable and waiver required by the club..

Class 3: LCMP not acceptable and covered by club insurance.

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