Star Chase Ride Concept

The Silver Wheels Cycling Club has a long tradition of not leaving a rider behind. Because of this policy, some riders are reluctant to attempt participating in a higher level ride, for fear of not being able to maintain the pace and thus slowing the ride for their fellow club members below the intended speed. The Star Chase rides are an opportunity for a member to try a faster ride level with the knowledge that if they can’t keep up with the group, it will not slow down. The member can however, just drop back to ride with a slower trailing group.

  • The ride will have at least two or more consecutive star levels, such as 1&2, 2&3, 3&4, etc.
  • Each level will have a ride leader.
  • All levels will follow the same route.
  • The highest level will leave first, then after a short interval, followed by the next-lower level.
  • Riders who want to try a faster level, should leave with that level. For example: If you generally ride at the two star level, but you would like to try a three star pace, then you would leave with the 3 star riders.
  • If a rider finds that the attempted level is too fast, he/she can stop and wait for the next group.
  • Only the lowest ride level will definitely stop to regroup during the ride and not drop anyone. All other ride levels will slow, such as after a busy intersection, to regroup. If you fall out of sight of any but the lowest level, the ride leader will assume that you have joined with the next group.
  • If a rider has a flat or other problem, on all levels but the lowest, the ride leader will find a volunteer or delegate someone to stay with him/her and the leader will continue with the group.
  • The lowest level group should attempt to stay together throughout the ride. The ride leader may assign a volunteer to lead a faster sub-group when necessary. 

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