YOYO Ride Concept


You're On Your Own

The intent of this concept is to enable riders who wish to ride slower or faster than the pace set by the ride leader to join the ride. They will obtain the route from the ride leader.  Club mileage credit will be earned for the ride. However, they will not be the responsibility of the ride leader.  This deviation from normal ride policy is only available with the express approval of the ride leader.

YoYo rides will be so designated on the ride calendar along with the pace the ride leader plans to ride and are provided at the discretion of the individual ride leaders.   

  • The ride leader will inform those present at what average speed he/she will be riding and welcome those present to ride with him/her at that pace. A sweep rider may also be used who would ride at a slower pace than the leader. Should anyone present wish to ride at a different pace (faster or slower) and/or do not wish to stop at the planned stop(s), that’s OK, but they will be on their own and responsible for themselves.
  • The ride leader should be informed of the intent to deviate from the pace of fellow riders. The leader must be notified of departures from the group and the accompanying release of responsibility..
  • YoYo riders are advised to have a cell phone and to not ride alone.
  • Planned stops will be either indicated on the map and/or discussed at the pre- ride meeting. Planned stops will be at sites where all riders can get well off of the road, and if possible, will have restrooms and beverages/food.
  • Unplanned stops (repairs, regrouping, etc.) should be made at a spot where all the riders can safely get off of the road.

This concept is not intended for use with rides that have multiple routes. It is also not the intent of the ride committee for this concept to replace our modus operandi – no rider is left behind.

Ride leaders may consider using this option when other star levels (pace levels) are not available for riders to choose from. 

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