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The Education and Safety Committee's Year in Review - 2016

     As the year rapidly comes to an end, we reflected on our education and safety activities in 2016. Since June 2016, we presented seven topics on the Don’t Learn Safety By Accident web page and also published several articles in Rollin’. We also started to discuss several difficult cycling questions that will be addressed in 2017. If you have a bike safety or bike education question or topic that you would like to see covered in 2017, please contact Joe Etzler, Rob Hipskind, Karen Hobbs, Mark Kasmark, Sally Saul, Sue Schneider, or Ed Stewart. 

     As a Thank You to our members that viewed the web page, and enthusiastically spread the word about the content and videos to other riders, we wrote a “Year in Review” song based on our safety topics. We really wanted to perform the song as a group, but our schedules got crazy and we were unable to practice enough to do the song justice. So, we had to find someone else to sing our “Year in Review” song. Our volunteer is wearing a mask for two reasons: he wants to keep his super hero identity a secret and because his singing voice is so bad.

Without further adieu, we present Safety Man singing The Twelve Days of Bikemas! 

After serving Safety Man several adult egg nogs, we were able to persuade him to sing two other versions of the song: one version for all the Nice club riders and one version for the rest of us - the Naughty group!

Happy and Safe Riding in 2017!

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