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For the major portion of our cycling lives we ride on two wheeled bikes, be they road bikes, racing bikes, mountain bikes, electric bikes, motor bikes and the like. However there may be a time when we need to reconsider the tricycle. Most of us started out on a tricycle and as we move through the cycle of life find that a return to the three wheeled vehicle of our past might just be the answer to keep us moving and enjoying the great outdoors.

There are basically three kinds of tricycles. There is the three wheeler that looks like a larger version of a kids tricycle with baskets for hauling all kinds of goods. The rider sits high on the frame of this type of bike. They are not built for speed nor for traveling long distances and can be unsteady on turns. Most often they are found in senior living centers.

Two other types of trikes are in the recumbent bike style with the rider sitting much closer to the ground. The Delta style of this trike has 1 wheel in the front and 2 in the rear. The Tadpole has 2 wheels in the front and one in the back. These trikes are vastly different looking than the trikes of our childhood.

The purpose of this article is to look at the pros and cons of the trike that would be most useful for Silver Wheels Riders. Most Silver Weelers want to ride between 15 and 50 miles and at a pace beweeen 10 and 20 mph. The Tadpole style of trike appears to be the most popular trike on the market today and the one that would most closely meet the needs of club riders.

This YouTube video gives a good overview of the Tadpole Trike of Today

Tadpoles are designed for touring and racing. This video will show the difference in design so the rider can select the trike that best fits his or her riding style.

This next video will give the prospective rider some insight on transitioning from a road bike to a recumbent trike.

For anyone wanting more information on trikes, YouTube has a plethora of videos on all aspects of the trike experience. Simply go to and search for Recumbent Trikes and you will be overwhelmed at the number of videos you will find. 

Larry Best, a long time member of Silver Wheels who has been involved in cycling for 58 years, has just purchased the tadpole type of trike. He bought the Catrike 700 which is Catrike’s lightest and fastest model. He will be sharing his thoughts and opinions of his experiences to date on riding a recumbent trike in an upcoming issue of Rollin'. 

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