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Keeping Hands and Feet Warm During Cold Weather Rides

Cycling in the winter means riding through colder and sometimes wetter masses of air. Since cycling usually means a relatively fast movement through this body of air, the wind chill factor increases. The human body's natural response to this chilling is to pull the circulation of blood into the core of the body to protect the vital organs, thus leaving the extremities (hands and feet) without adequate circulation to promote warmth. However, with a little advanced planning and some modern technology, riding in the colder weather can still be an exhilarating experience.

The following video will give you a great overview of how to deal with hands and feet during cold weather rides.

The following links will give you some ideas on the products you can buy that can aid in hand and foot warmth.

Some of the best cycling gloves for cold weather riding.

Some suggestions on footwear for cold weather riding.

Tips for keeping extremities warm.

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