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  • Annual Planning Meeting, Oberlin Public Library

Annual Planning Meeting, Oberlin Public Library

  • Sunday, January 22, 2023
  • 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • 65 S. Main St., Oberlin, OH 44074

Silver Wheels 2023 Planning Meeting

(Note: time & date changed 5:30 p.m. 1/11/23)

The Community Room of the Oberlin Public Library has been reserved.  The Board and concerned members will be discussing plans, activities, policies, setting the ride calendar Club sponsored rides, and any other topics that may concern the Club during 2023.  This is the best time to bring up rides/events requiring Board approval for scrutiny.  All members are welcome to attend and comment on items of interest, (only Board members can vote), and need not be present for the entire meeting. 

Meeting Agenda

1. Roll Call: Steve Osmialowski, Jose Morell, Rick Wells, Sandy Lottman, Cheryl Burkhardt, Peggy Doheny, Jerry Gach, Charlotte McGowan, Bob Burkhardt, Mel Cruzado, Randy Lottman, Dennis Stout

2. Recognition of 2023 officers and committee leaders

3. Approval of the minutes from the November 2022 board meeting

4. Review of 2022 Goals – How did we do?

5. Presentation/discussion of 2023 goals

6. Reports of Officers: General update and plans for 2023

President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Directors

7. Committee Reports: Past years results and plans for 2023





Dog Days

Social Media


Physical Assets Manager

8. eBike Policy: Create an updated policy for both club rides and DDWT guests

9. Review of 2023 meeting dates

10. Unfinished business

11. New Business:

12. Adjournment – Next meeting: February 9, 6:30 PM at Carlisle Visitor Center

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