2022 Dog Days Merchandise

This page offers information about all the available Dog Days Merchandise.

To pre-order any of these items, you will do that in the Registration process, not here.

Dog Days Event Tee Shirt 


Every year we design a new tee shirt. Even though there is always some carryover from year to year, each year is different. We also "bury" a clue in the design so you can recall what anniversary year your shirt is from.


For the last few years we have upgraded our tees to a wicking fabric that you can use for anything - much better for riding than all cotton. And we work hard to keep the costs down for you while still providing a quality shirt.


Sizes Available:  XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL


See the Sizing Guide for Jerseys below for an idea of which size is better for you. These are Unisex tees so use the MEN'S Sizes.


Cost this year is $20.00. Order with your registration.


Online Order Deadline: May 26th

Mail-In Order Deadline: POSTMARKED May 17th


We always order some extras and there may be some in your size at the event but we cannot guarantee it. We often take orders for more after the event and ship them to you after they arrive at the Dog House. Also available at the event will be some 'leftovers' from previous years in assorted sizes.he event will be some 'leftovers




Dog Days Jersey 


Our own custom design! Brand new design this year, sure to stand out from all the others in your collection.


Cost this year is $65.00.   What a deal for a custom jersey!


See the Sizing Guide below for what size will be better for you. The jersey manufacturer's standard is for a "race fit" sizing.  If you prefer a looser fit, select one size larger. 


Online Order Deadline: May 26th

Mail-In Order Deadline: Postmarked May 17th




Other Merchandise


Some dogs have fleas, our dog has socks. Well, not quite yet, but event socks will be available onsite when you arrive. We will have enough so you do not need to worry about us running out... we hope.


If you have ridden The Dog in previous years you already know we still have some merchandise left over from previous years. Tees, jerseys, and mirrors. We still have an assortment of those and will be glad to have you buy them - some at ridiculously low prices. 

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