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Welcome to the Silver Wheels 2018 Cycling Season!

Let's put safety first in our minds this year to make it an accident, injury, damage free season. Sound unlikely? Perhaps, but we can be prepared with all the education and safety tools we need to avoid even one mishap. 

Let's refresh and remember some safe cycling tips:

  1. Obey all traffic laws. You took tests and practiced to drive a car, now learn how to ride a bike correctly and safely while obeying the same laws.
  2. Be predictable:  ride in a straight line, signal turns and braking events, always be scanning your surroundings.
  3. Communicate to other bicyclists and to vehicles. Use words, hands, body language, or lane positioning to clarify your intentions on the road or trail. Announce if you are stopping.
  4. Be conspicuous:  wear bright clothing, use lights, ride where you are most visible, and make eye contact. Never assume you've been seen by drivers.
  5. If stopping for any reason, move completely off the road or trail. 
  6. Think ahead:  anticipate conditions and plan ahead, watch for moving vehicles and road hazards, allow adequate distance when following other cyclists, avoid overlapping wheels.
  7. Make your bike road ready:  check tire pressure, brakes, shifting, and quick release. Use a mirror. Carry tools and supplies.
  8. Wear protective gear:  helmet, gloves, eye protection, and sun screen.
  9. Think for yourself:  avoid the pack mentality in decision making. Do not yell clear.
  10. Do not use aerobars on group rides. Do not use distracting electronics like phones or earbuds while riding.
All club members are encouraged to read the Safe Cycling Practices and Safe Cycling Standards Quick List found at this link:

We have 2 short safety videos with some helpful tips and a video of an Amsterdam intersection that highlights some poor cycling.  I wonder what this would look like on Main Street in Oberlin outside Ace on a Wednesday night??

Basic Bike Check - LAB

The GCN Blokes

What would this look like in Oberlin?

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